Family owned & operated In 1983, Seth Jacobs and Martha Johnson moved to upstate New York, in the hopes owning and operating their own sustainable organic farm. Slack Hollow Farm was christened the same year, and has provided certified organic vegetables to the capital district of New York through farmer’s markets, local groceries and co-ops ever since. In the process they raised two children, Kalon and Adin, several cats, and an unreasonably large number of carrot varieties. We are wholly family owned and operated- no outside investors, no hedge fund backers. The profits of our business are spent at local stores, on local goods, and to hire local labor. In 2018 Slack Hollow pared the farm crew down to the family and a collection of part-time employees in order to participate in NYS’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. Impressed with the potential health benefits of CBD, we elected to have our hemp processed into a product we could sell ourselves We found a partner, David Falkowski of Open Minded Organics, and established Slack Hollow Organics in 2019.