MB Farm From the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, MB Farm Cannabis is the finest available in New York State. Kitaro Matsumoto and Sumi Inada immigrated to the US from Bunsei-mura, Kumamoto Prefecture in 1899 with their visa purpose stating agriculture. They married in San Francisco in 1911 and had eight children (in order of age, eldest to youngest): Mae Shizuye, Kiichi “John”, Matsuye, Alice Kikuye, Yoichi “Jimmy”, George Seiichi, Robert “Bob” Masaichi, and Margarit Mabel. During World War II, the family was first incarcerated at Lodi Assembly Center and Walerga Assembly Center until the loyalty questionnaire came around. Wanting to keep the family together they answered “no no” to the loyalty questions and the family was then incarcerated at Tule Lake concentration camp until 1945. After their time in camp, the Matsumoto family returned to Thornton, California and farmed leased land until Bob and John Matsumoto started the Matsumoto Brothers Farms (MB Farms) in 1948. The MB Farms grew to consist of 1,000 acres in the River Delta area including Sacramento and San Joaquin counties. Together, the brothers grew tomatoes, wheat, alfalfa, and corn. Bob and John farmed on the land until Bob retired from farming in 1989.