Electraleaf New York Brand is not only a well-established and respected cannabis dispensary but they have also made significant inroads into the grocery side of the business. In short, they have something for everyone. Now I could go through the many awards they’ve earned like the cowboy cup number one indoor flower, the slaps hybrid. The first place edibles, iced out Oreos or the distinguished cowboy cup grand champion of 2021, or I can tell you about the over 51 strains they have in stock and on display, I could even write about their award-winning an incredible selection of edibles and carts but in my experience, the thing that most impressed me was the warming atmosphere and attentiveness of the staff. I know other dispensaries claim to and many do deliver good customer service but the genuine knowledge and courtesy they display will make even the most discriminating shopper feel welcome. Shop the ElectraLeaf New York Brand today at Weedubest!