Nanticoke Brand New York: History
Chip Shafer and Pete Shafer, the owners of Nanticoke™, were born and raised in Endicott NY. The brothers are the quintessential products of New York State. Their father, among many other fathers in the Endicott area, worked for years at the Endicott-Johnson shoe factory and after several layoffs found his way into manufacturing for IBM. These two companies, EJ and IBM, shaped the history of many families in Endicott NY, and the southern tier. In May of 2022, Nanticoke™ was awarded an Adult Use Conditional Cultivation license and the team successfully grew a crop of greenhouse and outdoor Adult Use Cannabis. After harvesting this crop, the Nanticoke™ brand of products started to come to life. As their garden center has come to be known for variety and quality, so too is the cannabis segment of their business. In the search for the widest selection of high-quality cannabis, Nanticoke™ has been working hard to develop their portfolio of genetics which consists of a combination of photoperiod cannabis types from both seed and vegetative cuttings as well as a mix of auto flower genetics from some of the best breeders in the industry. In December of 2022, Nanticoke™ was awarded an Adult Use Conditional Processing license and we look forward to creating extract concentrate products to be released to the market in early 2023.