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Floor 13 | Dank By Definition | Indica Flower: Call the Elevator Because There Is No Bad Luck Here.

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Indica flower – Dank by Definition Delivery Nyc – Get this flower delivered today! Floor 13 is a cross between strain 4516 and Red Velvet. Its funky scent of flowers and Earth, mixed with sweet candy and fruit, can lure you in. When combusted, its flavor turns:

  • acidic
  • smoking experience filled with fuel
  • very clean
  • smooth

DANK BY DEFINITION is a New York State-based brand founded by a group of New York & California state cannabis experts and New York hospitality enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide premium quality cannabis products and experiences for our culture and our city.

Floor 13 is a unique hybrid strain that exhibits a distinctive and appealing aroma of earthiness intertwined with delightful hints of sweet candy and fruit. When ignited, the flavor profile takes on a pleasantly acidic quality, delivering a smoking encounter that is both potent and refined. For connoisseurs of cannabis, this is an exceptional selection that should not be overlooked.