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Integridy Farms use full-spectrum resin, a strong departure most other gummy currently on the New York market. The brand’s inventor sampled gummies from every processor in the state before selecting NOWAVE. He realized that most were using THC distillate, which left an ethanol taste on his acute palate. But those from the Rochester-based NOWAVE were huge on flavor and proved to be Nichols’s perfect match.

It’s no wonder that Cam Nichols calls his brand Integridy Farms – the man has a nose for quality cannabis. He means that literally; from his earliest interactions with the plant, his sensitive sniffer could pinpoint excellent weed.

“I was always really big on the smell of bud,” Nichols says. “I could smell [flower] and know if someone had used a bloom enhancer. Maybe it smelled like Zkittlez, but it wasn’t Zkittlez – so maybe someone had put molasses in there. But I’ve always had an affinity for the smell, taste, and look of the bud, and if I said something was good, people trusted that.”