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Chef For Higher Gummies – Fly Higher – Do You Fly Private?

Chef For Higher is a culinary lifestyle company founded in NY and cultivated for this moment in the medicinal plant movement. CFH uses the universal language of food to normalize the use of cannabinoids as an essential for optimal human health and holistic well-being.

Chef For Higher confections are all handmade in small batches. We do our best to source quality ingredients like Kosher beef gelatin for our gummies and culinary purees to flavor our Jellies.

They’re like taking a bite of a fruit at peak ripeness. Take care not to eat the whole bag at once, they’re that good! Hand-crafted in small batches, these distillate infused 10 mg pectin jellies are sanded with sugar, vegan and are made with real tropical fruit.

Gummies Contain:

  • pure cane sugar
  • kosher gelatin
  • Coconut MCT Oil

Responsible Consumption through proper dosing.

Chef For Higher believes consuming edibles over smoking is an easier way to regulate the effects, but it does take a bit of experimentation to find your perfect dose. Start slow with .5-1 piece and take your time (effects can take up to 2 hours) until you understand how your body responds to “flying private.”

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