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PIFF Ithaca Organics 1/8 oz (3.5g)

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Piff Ithaca Organics Flower is a New York bred sativa variety from Piff Coast Farms and grown by us in the famed Finger Lakes terroir. This herb is New York. We’ve selected the pheno with that classic haze profile with notes of pine and citrus. Piff provides a strong sativa head high that leaves you feeling energized and productive.

You can’t go to New York without sampling some Piff. This Piff Haze outdoor flower from Ithaca Organics has a rich, sweet, durban-like terpinolene note heavily blended and spiced with beta-caryophyllene, plus something else truly unique. The small, airy nugs were a classic old-school haze. It tasted like it smelled, only thinner, with an instant rocketing and electric sativa effect. Piff was getting New Yorkers zooted, even before Sour Diesel. Ithaca Organics collaborated with keepers of the Piff Coast Farms—who gave Ithaca a more agronomized piff that would finish in a more optimal amount of time.